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You need a new car. Whether it's your first car, or you're a seasoned buyer, it always pays to take some expert advice.

Auto Trader's buying and selling guide does just this. We will tell you about buying your next vehicle from the trade, privately, from an auction, the do's and don'ts and your rights in case of a dispute.

Before you go any further you need to consider one thing. Is the car you're looking to buy suitable for your needs? It may sound like a simple question - but it is so easy to be distracted by flash or impractical cars when you're looking for a new car.

Prioritise what you really need in a car. Is it space or pace? Looks or practicality? There's no point buying a roadster if you want to carry more than one friend at a time. Likewise, why buy a big clumsy off-roader if you're a city dweller? Whatever your needs, we will try and advise you through each step. Just select one of the links on the right to navigate through the help section.


From the trade
Buying privately
From an auction
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The do's and dont's
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